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#BudgetRecipientPolicy AreaService NameDescriptionSum RequestedApprovedApproval StageDecision DateSum ApprovedPaid 
1MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)CrimestoppersDomestic AbusePostcard Print Mailing DistributionHardcopy promotional material distribution costs£7,000.00Yes26.06.2020£7,000.00£7,000.00
2MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)CrimestoppersDomestic AbuseDigital AdvertisingSuch as Spotify adverts£1,500.00Yes26.06.2020£1,500.00£1,500.00
3MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)CrimestoppersDomestic AbuseRadio Adverts£1,200.00Yes26.06.2020£1,200.00£1,200.00
4MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)CrimestoppersDomestic AbuseSocial Media CampaignTo run promotions on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram£2,500.00Yes26.06.2020£2,500.00£2,500.00
5MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)CrimestoppersDomestic AbuseDesign work for media campaign to support DA victimsFunding to run a Digital / media campaign aimed at local communities in Surrey to raise awareness of DA£500.00Yes26.06.2020£500.00£500.00
6MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)Citizens Advice Elmbridge West (NSDAS)Domestic AbuseCEO and Service Manager Capacity increaseAdditional hours to plan future service delivery linked to easing of lockdown and possible second wave of pandemic£10,000.00Yes26.06.2020£10,000.00£10,000.00
7MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)Viewpoint Centre CIODomestic AbuseReStart - Increased capacity for referralsAnticipation of increased referrals from DA Outreach Services£4,800.00Yes26.06.2020£4,800.00£4,800.00
8MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services (ESDAS)Domestic AbuseSmart Mobile phones for Survivors & Volunteers10 phones x 100 per phone plus 15 credit to enable them to communicate remotely using social media and run one to one Freedom Pogramme and…£1,150.00Yes26.06.2020£1,150.00£1,150.00
9MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services (ESDAS)Domestic AbuseDirector of Operations additional hoursDedicated time required for the Director of Operations to plan future service delivery linked to easing of lockdown and possible second wave of…£10,000.00Yes26.06.2020£10,000.00£10,000.00
10MoJ COVID-19 Funding (Round 1)Citizen's Advice Waverley (SWSDA)Domestic AbusePremise costs to support social distancingCurrent premises do not allow for social distancing and we are scoping alternatives to utilise over the coming months£2,000.00Yes26.06.2020£2,000.00£2,000.00
Σ     £338,724.43   £337,492.51£337,492.51