Let us take care of the numbers...

Sums.org is designed to help you facilitate and keep track of all your commissioning and grant making activity, allowing you to manage and oversee unlimited budgets, recipients, agreements and performance with ease.

Whether you work for a public sector commissioner, a grantmaking charity or the philanthropic arm of a business, Sums.org can streamline your team's funding activity.

Design and deploy online forms in minutes!

Sums.org features a powerful drag-and-drop form builder that lets you quickly design and deploy online application forms, structured recipient updates or any other type of data collection document. Responses can be managed and reviewed from within the platform, or exported for offline storage.

Instant Snapshots

Our beautiful dashboards help you understand at a glance the position of all your budgets. You can also securely share your live dashboard data with other individuals, or embed selected data on your own website with a single line of code to support greater transparency.

Intuitive UI

Input forms feature full input validation, pop-up calendars, rich text fields and pre-populated dropdowns for ease of data entry. Your funding data can be browsed in a familiar spreadsheet format, with a range of easy to use filters. Simple and advanced views keep things neat and tidy.

Collaborate & Share Securely

Sums.org allows you to work collaboratively on budgets with other platform users through a secure delegation system. You can also share selected data with non-users with a click of a button, or quickly export your data to meet the 360Giving Data Standard.

Automatic Notifications

Keeping track of everything can be hard, but with Sums.org we'll automatically notify you of any issues such as missed payments, outstanding performance updates or newly submitted forms.

Software that works around you...

We've designed Sums.org to be an affordable and lightweight solution, one that complements your existing processes instead of trying to replace them. The tools we provide are flexible enough to accomodate a wide range of commissioning and grant giving approaches and we're continually listening to our users to develop new features.



Standard Account
Professional Account
£25 per month (+VAT)
(billed annually)
Professional Package
£100 per month (+VAT)
(billed annually)
Number of Accounts 1 1 5
Unlimited Budgets
Unlimited Recipients
Unlimited Bids & Agreements
Unlimited Spend Categories
Create Unlimited Custom Forms
Unlimited Form Submissions
Custom References
Save Progress & Resume 3 months
File Uploads 3 months
Submission Reminders
Unlimited Custom Review Stages
Grading and Commenting
Payment Scheduling and Recording
Performance Scheduling and Monitoring
Automatic Reminders
Flagging, Commenting & Tasking
Archiving 3 months
Online Document Storage 3 months
One Click Data Export
Live Data Sharing & Embedding 3 months
Multi-user Collaboration 3 months
Self-Service Hubs for Funding Recipients 3 months
360Giving Data Standard Export 3 months
Two-Factor Authentication
IP Whitelisting
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